With a CheckOnMe enabled smartphone, conveniently monitor the safety of anyone – including yourself.

The intuitive CheckOnMe interface allows the setup of routine Checks on those you care about, in seconds.

Once Checks are created in the App, the CheckOnMe system automatically handles the rest, systematically notifying those designated during setup - including logging the last known location of your loved one.

Set it and forget it

CheckOnMe will handle the rest, giving you peace of mind.

With concern over personal safety reaching an all-time high, you need a method of monitoring your loved ones’ safety that’s effective without being intrusive – that’s where CheckOnMe comes in.

CheckOnMe is a convenient, easy-to-use and non-invasive method to ensure your loved ones are safe on a scheduled basis.

No longer worry about having to make phone calls or texts to your loved ones to be assured they are safe.

Although CheckOnMe is not intended to replace personal communication or other safety measures, for a minimal cost, routine checks are peformed.


How to monitor


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